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The Witchs Isle is a graphic adventure set in a tiny town on an island that’s located far away from the continent. One night, your protagonist is visited by the town’s witch who curses him: if you don’t find her urn (which has been stolen) by 4 a.m., you’ll die.

After that little encounter, your adventure begins. Your objective here is to walk all over the island, interact with the rest of the characters and discover all the secrets you can uncover about the island, the urn and the witch. Some folks will want to talk to you, but others won’t.

The most unique feature about The Witchs Isle is that you can use the other villagers’ behavior to solve some of the puzzles. By doing so you’ll reach one of the seven different endings of the game. Depending on your actions, you’ll reach a ‘good’, ‘so-so’ or ‘bad’ ending.

The Witchs Isle is a thrilling graphic adventure that includes a really unique story, setting and characters; not to mention the awesome visuals. This is an excellent game in every aspect.

Android 5.0 or greater is required